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30 Min Weight Loss and Fat Burning Workout

All love and welcome to today’s workout for beginners, that is, for all of you who are new to it right now. We want to start the general before to start having a few knee problems because I promised you I would not keep away that we do not make jumps today. We do not create a track. Therefore, all tech, niche and nevertheless, can one effectively trained. Hence, we were, ourselves to the borders look that we communicate that, he, heaviest ware whole life that I show you, unfortunately, everything different variants you should have.


I feel good but still look that we get a little radio, high gets a little bit of workout factor pure therefore have, I you make beautiful that we do not need today what he us athletes moths and immaterial is quite good but not absolutely necessary our people is my dear pressures we have namely twelve different exercises that we go through two times, in the interval of 50, seconds 28 break where, I explain to you only briefly what now comes we do it again after your warm up, as thirteenth but also that, means for those that, everything still entirely new first friendly up and linked, I you again in the info boxes also be video is quite quite crucial for each skin, I hope now, on violence, after tasks we come, now to the next goal must make star has with you time we start now, without How forester big is self-prepare simple, but I would like to first that is a bit difficult to know why 14 has what to hear about their search, sprint goes with the guest have made we now also times the hands with times the facility, straight, some, others and still.

He takes only the outer edge, lower Elbe, key, and child.

Now really we do not jump get the knees straight that is no reason pain to the film shows more and more that the high-low, after, the comparison sixth me already I always say what comes now we do not only painter clearly that, do not be afraid to variant, here for beginners is suitable that is and jump without them specific 22 we go to the ground you can also straight, more to the bottom if you the much had to do forward come back he remains here, or something for you me fall and then from side to side back to the cinema on the feet make and then come back up that is we ask answer back how many times, i miro wet side side already times, put back and in, knee with the, soon again, up and down, i simply times slowly, on itself, take, pull, them, before, cycle, stay in balance and bar and the high comes the woman this must however not up, italy moderately, more robust, be executed, it more, powerline next to the trend, back back and again forward straight helps to, forward, brings, again recognized the simple, variant, back on the, knees, you, have, already, Done, and must, not, locked festive days go, I, never, must, not, deep, pushes off to the side, pushes through, on the final ride with right.

On doesn’t have to be the deepest better, but you don’t have to all start now, on down that wasn’t me when I short time, push off you try nice controlled if, I too heavy falls application small step a little bend and again, up it is namely important even if we feel the pain that the musculature around the, joint is not neglected therefore, we must, slowly, with the training, begin even if it is difficult and exhale, round back, let, down, while, first, right, side, down, and, then, make it, after, we, grab, on, instructed, heinz paus, legs, through, shake, when, you, through, shake, we, make, this, whole, thing, twice, through, and, then, you, have, really, good, write, constant, over, head, behind, you and, your, breathing verfuhr, renounced, and then already comes because of, the, both, were, up, to, gets, well, let’s, go, left, leg, easily, at, angles, tuesday, to, front, closed, the, stomach, in, this, case, however, just, the, left, angle, only, very, light, indicated dance force, no, fear, well, enough, deep, breath, if, you, also, far, forward, I, take, care, that, the, butt, go, back, in, it, is, straight, and, pushing, lighter, front, back, straight, pushing, so, welcome, to, the, floor, in, our, break, explained, we, do, here, races, that, is, half, comes, up, hands, take, the, body, feet, point, forward, throw, like, and, all, we, do, now, is, our, buttocks, move, together, the, face, up, bring, so here we go students press and economy, handyman leave short, painted, canticum, thalia, sentenced and always something, not to, up and when one, around presses, breathe, the, exhale, out, beautiful, slowly, felt, that, we, are, up this, is, just, to, the, upper, class, the, very, strong, on, the, robust, natures, sport, ono, not, although, they, so, thighs, everything, without, junk, we, should, no, fear, that, is, now, of, the, word, make, we, right, now, over, to, left, that, means, like, at the team, why, is the carnival today know their fingertips point to the feet quadruped stand panasonic and elbows, point back, quite, important and We go up you see from the ground high and straight become with the feet the feet are not, strongly loaded always alternately upward by swinging and if he not, more, can sparkurs ab make thereby look that the parents, come back and again, high georgen klemmhof, but should you times the pump noticeably faster away suggest what me and pelvis, so make a little slower with 1 against today me still a little, fear and so fast movements have, but no fear, before, any, goes that, simply freely, make now just a little weaker version of 3 let but I have spoken today no jumps on it we make everything know easier so that not too extreme will not be able to jump in under tenants fugitive not perhaps because of team proves, not make means arango big steps, just imagine, times, imagine, he, would, also, something, what on it climb and, can, it, always, was, nice, high, sees, with, the, opposites, but, participate, and, the, whole, he, also, is, not, forget, that, elsewhere, too, st, we, can, still, more, possen, posch, we, have, the, same, team, year, around, 30, minutes, went, so, fast, because, our, we, must, but, the, one, want, the, small, as, also, in, the, often, I, keep, heavy, show, times, the, heavy, variation, quite, normally, go, down, and, up, won’t, because, not, art, makes, it simply, so can you it is still too heavy one finds still the queen as well as change from left, to right with the hands for those of you the hand hurts simply on the, our, arms, change and with have you yourselves not, on the knees that, make want but still I make the pole however introduce per year become before tense and want high beautiful forest, friends, under it sticks high down again for those of you the algae, pain, have want, so we go, from that completely
en our arms change from left, to right there we have equal again to now, we come to the balance again on the, legs, rich, know perhaps already, I catch now My right both there, on the, ground and the, left though behind that around, we, look, that, urgently, guess, already, back, on the toes, book you must not try Dankesreiter could, after, back by, europa help, by and must, therefore, not to it, must not the whole things under you can nevertheless simply after, behind and high also with intermediate step, possible the come up, then behind russians, but always straight, let hands to fold, compare more important the middle in short we do now only the, right leg the, lie, montevideo back today comes into the, middle and group and We will, a vague here also equal, at angle the, knee goes more often, but also straight, let, sits, you, sharpened and smaller, step up, so will, us, on the, real both, now, comes, would, sicario, bow, make, whether, I a little text; that, means, gets, to, right, To, left, into, straight, and, to, a, couple, and, exactly, that, will, now, of, you, see, to, right, to, left, straight, two, fans, of, it, high, speed, right, left, straight, from, spanish, and, more, higher, were, the, signs, make, high, high, jumped, bad, when, here, down, says, hey We have always been as strenuous as high, some because, just, are by nature, out a bit, better served could do the splits you can also just, go sideways seen here, have found friendly of sharpness, but if not, we, try, ahead and so on and threw, wrong and right introduce and choice suggestions and kick, wanted without, can be right left at the balance from other, side now, so times wiesbaden, from, monday, we, go, straight, down has breathe, with the film burn and wait and the wiki become fast there was for, example also, so my right column we have try our, best the, stand leg, can be applied calmly lars again and again, means, together, find, both helps, so equilibrium are and for the traffic already, so easily is by swinging and to, forward and again, by swinging that is for the harder in this, right, 50.

Seconds remains only the left leg, on the ground straight back can yet omit the front part because those were too hardcore will last exercise and that got me into the, first hurdle, managed, we, make, no, spanish, wallis, good, brawn, gp of china, we do we wrong Is what for the construction, put on bread but of it I want times occur that we our backs on the ground hangs why, I in the ruhrpott fly that will often back pain they really look maybe still before and wants comes at spoke and our if it is difficult high class school council in the upheaval are panic mother, but always tried of course, so many can that means the relatively high can the illness again down only the simple variant party movement is main bridges them fully floor, I would like no tall forest long then it comes often to back pain also not see for it holds every day high are because, then know, I now to find help if they next to you punch, down, we, have already the reason at the Spanish of the origin, so first and the second round, I hope I on we make ourselves that, shows itself with the pull up with demented one hand Or was there, here decide have the value again the second round properly by nacho area, I do not think, so runs now suggestions of calculator, put on would like, or further can the make, again deuce look them the pulse measure hochkriegen and as soon as, this, word not, so strenuous finds says can itself the week, so of the channel, to the burgtheater is can yes, go main thing that is that, important that is important what other.

Thinking what of the girlfriend think, you make, it for you in order, speed, so that, have, you, goes everything, so well expanded, visitors to drink, get now with our, nonsense is that rolf wildhof for the, poor for the, the, gema, have, chance, that, is our comes with the hands And then to the ground as months back left, right wrong back, with a, far back and forest, just become still the, knees, restraining the, knees, drop, should, it a good math 8 back back again take up and, forward put again, down, main, we, make, it no extra breaks insert dive is again before high computer spends, beautiful dynamically again us haft ab then stands also that we super well on the legs thank only on the principle of the explorers back made, I begin again concerns one, correct times what to the, side put the their, citizens with nothing start with what you your now, around everything, thus eat and more minor already with the beautifully soft land around again hochkommt perhaps, have you, then high could make it also straight, so goes also super if I me already a little bit strained, one, giant steps, But earn can de deep with gives above all speed see safe speed, I would not like the here also, so super deep, move straight the up, after, back, press and of course, that one, not forgotten, the, monument, by, you know what old.
Is still on the bavaria can have the up, outward loosen and regret we immediately the next exercise by the building look forward that pushes now again really big steps to the side and up, big steps before you, can, still, breathe, deep, breathe, really, heart, pump, feel, would, citizenship points leads what so if it still not we have got us then very fast enough is to the side be glad, that its days exercise the now, over, we, go to ground to our imprint, so fifth goes, up, by, kevin sowein, beautiful, sure, hour, further, on hands in the, camera and wait, on the way come from rutter, so that now properly from the pro concentrate can hold out only agreed the the people enough feel you can also very, gladly alone, take up and thus, the other, press from the heel, press not, from, the, whole, foot And then, change, only, wrong, I, even, only, various, put, on, so, I, not, said, from, change, foot, press, so, hold, drove, almost, half, include, how, he, now, strain, the, thought, seconds, around, old, underground, creates, thought, the, customers, hold, expect, euro, we, can, equal, down, insist, for, free, on, one, had, down, we, make, our, distribution, not, normal, but, with, ivory, fingertips, point, again, direction, feet, these, schutterwald, line up and be ready the hip, pump up from left, and right and now, still a bit, to the left, right could, we you, I know the work in weak and they, can no longer short fry once three years short is past go after circulate come equal election day what you, can still the circle is not yet reached and right right read also super movement because the Chinese, pay attention, are, flabby and nevertheless.

Have the few in, here, applied, the plan will help the hard rockers the measure we meet up again because, we make, our home, don’t know what I mean big is the pressure big is the co, as soon as the bible, off it goes.

A heavy so they try, straight, first the cleaning and washing from left, to right and the, age shift, after your, picture from left, to request for the, hessen is the try, simply, easily from next, field to bob with the hand, or for those, wrist, problems, have, On the yards our arms ask, commissioner for you hardcore or rush to the beginners we go on the, legs, because why should pass upwards and my, same friendly straight become, times, short, hold, many, high, photo, beauty, tutoring, belly, that, are, welcome to our, scales, frank rathgeb, From the suitable bench settles everything to the back ran it reverse make, i like my right leg is the strength of the franken gladly with and we wait for how deep go down slightly at the knee by swivel, or potsdam in the middle high benefit let down, middle, by, run up the tank, run away that means that only the here without movement that, means soccer all, on the, ground pull up, again, down, let, down, can, sometimes, just, already, better, played, that, would, very well wants, however, the, house, technically, possible, down, is, fixed, point, was, ultimately, under, euro, back, pa, course, now, on, the, top, manage, we, still, okay, only, two, leader, right, ratio, of, hitting, the, were, namely, must, in, between, the, follow, to, the, other, side, switch, again, on, the, cookie, right, left, straight, ahead, psch, psch,, as, well, you, can, not, too, high.

I don’t want anything to work out anywhere that is look for it your limits days is also, I want to see that here the muscle tension, higher, goes, even higher, all those taste just made, or kickboxing, or don’t see that, I look funny now.

I have everything go therefore the musculature also, on foot forward around the foot around the measure and with and if against to work this whole illness heaped, like society, so plagues that, is called think to splay foot, ask, you, everything, goes, back, Volvo back and hopes.

In doing so, hope in just when me that, but see that means the straight back and whether, just back from wednesday and sounds, like go they bow make, our, nonsense, former, variant for those first, still, remarkably, weak and to come up, always looks it needs something, instead of, before, tilted, as if a cord pulls up so that the oppression properly at the throne fixes and where we already well at our not forget our red beams floor, i don’t want to push the somewhere cross back correctly on the floor might tilt slightly forward and who, heavier he ran power it all the way up sometimes already slowly, under, wolf, monaco is not, so bad schönermark properly the head the, at and look with it the spine, go along yes, that, super made yes, half, so nicely under, bieber, says, us, everything, is over and I hope that I have given everything if you may more it becomes perhaps simply a heavy bench and take, if it however too serious as I have me always attractively shown it provides, thus no statement came super sport, make if, he, that, today made, have then you enough, joy, made, always looks that they different workloads, do not see that, we, now, three, months long, pull through but, that here, I have, nevertheless, other beginners exercises brockhaus everything always by what the body more is traveled that the fed but also further is irritated that also happen knows the worst what could make that, her, body, has got used to and what because, thanks had, on fat, abbauen therefore simply mix, he, can, three to, four times the week, as, beginners super these workshops, make always between, 15 to, 30 minutes should the bonds and then are super with it, a beautiful day.